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We offers users a fully operational long-term platform. Use to leverages blockchain technology to ensure seamless experience. Anonymous transactions will soon be available.

DAE is on DEX-Trade Exchange

Very cool and full functional exchange for all our traders, miners and all of you.

You can trade DAE.

Buy DAE and hodl for couple time and sell with better price

About Company

About Efrom Digital founder DAEFROM

Efrom Digital Ltd. is a specialist in IT consulting. A technology company that has a wide reach in the IT world. It develops software solutions for large and small companies. Our team of specialists and developers has been programming and creating in various dev languages for several years..

After successful orders/projects, we decided to transform our experience into the successful world of cryptocurrencies. This is how the DAEFROM project was born. This is how the Digital Asset Efrom coin was created in the spring 2022.

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We use Metamask, it is safe and stable. We are preparing our own wallet application..


Safe & Secure

You don't have to worry about your DAEs, they are safe and protected on our blockchain.


Buy & Sell

You can trade DAE on the prestigious DEX-Trade exchange. Other list options are in the process.



Transactions on our blockchain are your choice, either anonymous or public.

Comming Soon!



Whitepaper DAE coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses a network with its own blockchain platform to run smart contracts and applications exactly as programmed, with no censorship or third-party interference.

By applying the technology to a series of real world use cases with the goal of supporting the online platforms and technology available, we have come up with the idea of the DAE coin.

The DAEFROM platform is a first step to becoming part of a new movement in mining when each mined coin will have a pair as a DAEFROM token in ratio by blockchain. The motto is to provide a digital crypto platform for easy and stable mining, and then tokens for a new social network, DAEFROM Society.


Keep DAE safe in MetaMask

MetaMask is a full-fledged application for mobile devices and Internet browsing on computers. Simply add your DAE network to Metamask and use DAE to the fullest.

  • Install Metamask to your device
  • from AppStore or GooglePlay
  • on desktop - Firefox, Chrome
  • On left menu select Settings
  • than choos Network
  • Tap: Add Network
  • -> Custom Network
  • Fill in all lines
  • Network name: Digital Asset Efrom
  • RPC url:
  • Chain ID: 8687
  • Currency symbol: DAE
  • Block Explorer URL:
  • Minig POOL for all miners

    We offers users a fully operational long-term mining platform. All useres from all of the world can choose and mine DAE coin. Choose from our POOLs, supported with us.

    Best PPLNS pool from us to you DAEPOOL

    Prefer SOLO mining, is up to you, you can mine on SOLO DAEPOOL

    Fully SSL and PROP pool EFROMPOOL

    Board of directors

    Paul P.

    Chief Executive Office

    Robert F.

    Chief Financial Officer

    William K.

    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer

    Meet creative team




    Server specialist


    Audio and Video specialist

    Meet support team

    DEV or Don Pappa

    Support on Discord, Telegram

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is very simply. You can easily create it in Metamask. You can download the application on your mobile phone or in Firefox or Chrome. You can find the procedure for this on our website in the WALLET section.
    The whole idea was born in 2021. The whole project went through a long testing and adjustment. The project runs on its own blockchain and has completed its first transactions on the stock exchange.
    For now you can get DAE from mining. Setup and evrything is on our POOL As well you can buy DAE on our safe money platform DAEFROM money
    Every cryptocurrency has its pros and coins. DAE has everything described in Whitepaper.

    We are on all most popular community.

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    Efrom Digital Ltd. - Digital technology company

    102, Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles​

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