DAE - Digital Asset Efrom

is a global open-source blockchain platform.

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DAEFROM network is ready for creating blockchain programs and tokenize anything you like.


We are compatible with a wide selection of Ethereum contracts. Every mined DAE coin will have a pair DAEFROM token in a certain ratio based on our blockchain.

Social network...

DAEFROM Society, a new social network site built on the DAEFROM blockchain, will launch till 2 years.


Using blockchain technology, users will have more control over their data and privacy and the ability to earn free DAEFROM tokens by watching ads and so on.

Anonymized network blockchain

In the near future, we want to release a customized anonymized blockchain DAE Blockchain.

Custom Code

Cur codebase has been modified to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of people, with future updates planned depending on what is decided.

Premined Coins

We have premined about 50M coins. DAE coins will be burned and used for: Development and maintenance, Public relations marketing, Redemption of DAEFROM tokens.

DAE money, NEW future

The rocket is starting on digital world. Buy your own DAE on our web and be a part of future!

We are LIVE, DAE is born!

Mainnet Blockchain, after successful testing for several weeks, is launched live. The main backbone consists of several servers, which will expand with the demands of the network.

We are fully committed and doing everything to ensure that DAE is on the exchanges as soon as possible.

DAEFROM is developing as a stable Proof of Work platform on ethash protocol and custom features, the main product is the DAE coin. Born on Crypto Spring 2022, DAEFROM is a new blockchain that contained mine a small value of coins to support the research and development (R&D) department.

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DAE Pool

DAE is a mineable coin. It uses the ethash protocol and thus all the settings of your machines are identical to the ethash settings.

  • Anonymous mining
  • Email notification system
  • Detailed statistics
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • PPLNS mining type
  • We pay all DAE rewards
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Our journey, which we have already completed and which still awaits us. We will record all our milestones in detail and brag about them to you.

4Q 2021

Birth Stage

Create platform from ethash protocol blockchain, build the backbone DAEfrom network with DAE mining coin and DAEFROM token, implementing core engine, create pools.

2Q 2022

Testing Phase

Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing

4Q 2022

Start Of Public Mining And Public Business On Markets

Create mining pools network. Start of public bussiness and listing on one of top crypto market, start pre sale DAEFOM token.

2Q 2023


Start rewarding mined coins with the DAEFROM token, the reward will be retroactive. Create staking pool for token, establishing on one of top crypto market.

2Q/3Q 2024


2Q start testing phase of DAEFROM Society social network.

3Q run public social network DAEFROM Society.


How you can create DAE wallet. Simply on the Metamask

  • Install Metamask to your device
  • On left menu select network:
  • Add a network
  • Network name: DAE
  • RPC Url: https://daefrom.io/rpc
  • Chain ID: 8687
  • Currency symbol: DAE
  • Block Explorer URL: https://daefrom.io

Our Executive Team

Efrom Digital Ltd. - Digital technology company

102, Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles​


Chief Executive Office


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer

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Basic questions that interest you the most.

It is very simply. You can easily create it in Metamask. You can download the application on your mobile phone or in Firefox or Chrome.

You can find the procedure for this on our website in the WALLET section.

The whole idea was born in 2021. The whole project went through a long testing and adjustment. The project runs on its own blockchain and has completed its first transactions on the stock exchange.

For now you can get DAE from mining. Setup and evrything is on our POOL

As well you can buy DAE on our safe money platform DAEFROM money

Every cryptocurrency has its pros and coins. DAE has everything described in Whitepaper

We are on all most popular community.